The Girl with the Cutter – Golgota DVD

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The Girl with the Cutter: Around November 8th of 2008, photographs of an unknown girl, most likely of German heritage and appearing to be in her early twenties, started circling around the tubes, starting with some shitty site no one cares about and ending up on Something Awful. Judging from the content of the photos, said girl just may be the most hardcore cutter in existence.

Golgota: A DeepWeb performer known as Wendy meets a film director in a Hotel room. This is what happened. This is her story. Her expiation

Director: Mikel Balerdi

Limited 100 DVDPACK + Numbered Slipcase + DVD + Card

Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English, French, Italian

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1 review for The Girl with the Cutter – Golgota DVD

  1. Mr.Pocket (verified owner)

    Altro grande film di Mikel Balerdi in due episodi entrambi ottimi.
    Il primo lo preferisco, un ruolo femminile difficile ma grazie a un’ottima performance è uno spettacolo estremo che resta impresso. Bella l’edizione numerata.

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