Pink Collection vol. 1 [Blu-ray edition]


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“PLAY DEAD” Original Uncut version
“SNOW WOMAN”: Restored and Uncensored version
Classic “Pink” Trailers

PLAY DEAD: Rapid waves of modernization come to a country town and affect the clan craftsman Gonzo, his wife, and the governor Zenzo, creating friction between them. Gonzo leaves to begin a new business in Osaka. On his way along the road banks, Gonzo sees a dead woman inside a small house, lying on a futon. But when he investigates further, he finds that she is not dead after all, and soon everything becomes a strange game of sex and overwhelming desire. Directed by: Tetsuya Taketodo. Starring: Kaho Kasumi, Tomohiro Okada, Yuya Ishikawa.

SNOW WOMAN: In a snowy mountain village, a beautiful woman is found dead. The group who found her considered the woman “Yuki Onna”, an in humanly beautiful snow woman ghost, whose eyes can strike terror into mortals who get lost travelling in the snowy mountains. Japanese legend says that the Snow Woman floats across the snow, leaving no footprints. However, the “snow woman” turns out to be alive, and identifies herself as “Yuki”. She then begins a sensual affair with Nyubei, one of the travellers who had tried to saver her, and her erotic climaxes put Yuki in a supernatural-like transcendent state. However, many of the villagers still believe her to be a monster, and they soon lead an attack on the mountain cabin where she’s hiding with Nyubei.

Language: Japanese
Subtitles/Captions Language: English (NEW/Updated)

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