Channel 309 (4-6) DVD

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Brand: Blacklava


The probably most controversial title in the history of Black Lava Entertainment is finally getting a sequel.
Even harder and more perverted! The first part was already
rejected by all major festivals and critics! Be aware of what you are getting yourself into!
“… moral boundaries are not only exceeded, but also completely torn down. Violence is glorified, sexual humiliation
celebrated and taboos declared null and void. The viewer, and not just him, is repeatedly spat dirty in the face … “

Director: Marco Malattia

The second report of sexual gnosis, disfunctional porn and kali yuga erotism!
– Episode 4
– Episode 5
– Episode 6
– The Motel Files

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1 review for Channel 309 (4-6) DVD

  1. FilmBen87

    To be honest… this is just a fetish porn xD

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