Cat Sick Blues Special Edition Blu-ray + DVD

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When Ted’s beloved cat dies, the trauma triggers a terrible mental breakdown. His broken brain prompts him to bring his feline friend back – all he needs is nine human lives. Ted dons vicious deadly cat claw gloves and a creepy cat mask, and goes on a murderous rampage. As the butchery escalates, a twisted romance blossoms between Ted and Claire, a young woman who has also recently lost her cat in a horrifying incident.

Director: Dave Jackson

Language: English
Subtitles: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese

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2 reviews for Cat Sick Blues Special Edition Blu-ray + DVD

  1. karbely.mate

    Surprising movie..killings are very good, the cat costume had been better without the huge spiked dildo..the protagonist is not going to be my favourite star..very annoying

  2. FilmBen87

    Great f*cking movie!

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