The Dread/Insecticidal Blu-ray [Slipcase edition]


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Darkside Releasing’s first Retro-sploitation Double Feature Blu-ray!

First feature: “The Dread” — When a suburban couple is brutally slaughtered one night by a hideous creature, police are unable to solve the horrendous crime. Teri, the four-year-old daughter, is put up for adoption, while her eight-year-old brother Alex, seemingly traumatized by the experience, is now completely catatonic and placed in Briarcliff Psychiatric Hospital for treatment. Nineteen years later, Teri sets out to the institution to confront her past, but Teri’s presence in the hospital gives way to horrifying events, and those inside are brutally attacked and killed by an elusive, shape-shifting creature bent on bloodshed!
Second Feature: “Insecticidal” — Sorority girl Cami’s experiment in insect intelligence goes awry, leaving giant, mutant insects hunting for food in a sorority house – and by ‘food’ we mean sorority sisters Meghan Heffern (Chloe), Samantha McLeod (Snakes on a Plane, John Tucker Must Die), and Rhonda Dent. Boobs, bugs, blood, guts, knives, and a hell of a lot of flashing nude soapy, sexy women, almost non-stop and at every possible occasion! These alluring sorority sisters now have a new major… survival! Insecticidal is presented on this Double Feature Blu-ray in its uncensored version, complete and uncut.

Starring Meghan Heffern, Samantha McLeod, and Rhonda Dent.

SPECIAL FEATURES include red-band trailers for both films and alternative “R”-Rated footage used for the original 2005 Insecticidal release.

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