SHE KILLS [2-DISC Numbered Mediabook Edition]


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Brand: Goredrome Pictures, TetroVideo
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When Sadie’s husband is murdered by a vicious gang called “The Touchers”, she finds she possesses a strange hidden power to aid her in her quest for revenge. An homage to Grindhouse/exploitation pictures of the 1970’s.

Director: Ron Bonk
Stars: Jennie Russo, Trey Harrison, Michael Merchant

Lingua: Inglese
Sottotitoli: Francese, Italiano

2 DISC DVD+Blu-ray disc numbered Mediabook edition + 24 page Booklet + Slipcase + 2 Cards
Slipcase and Cards are limited to the preorder customers only.
Professional Grade A BD-R’s. Lifetime guarantee on disc.




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