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Barbara comes back to her old house with a new boyfriend Anthony and her son Bob following the tragic death of her husband. Barbara hopes that the move will help Bob get past this trauma, but the ghosts of the past come back stronger than ever as Bob begins to develop a strange and terrifying connection with his dead father, and a Pandora’s Box of horror and revenge is about to be unleashed.

Produced by the inspirationally prolific Italian genre film producer Domiziano Cristopharo, Just a Child is directed by his collaborator Adam Ford.

Fans of Italian gialli and Euro-horror will have a blast with celebrated indie-horror filmmaker Domiziano Cristopharo’s Just a Child, which also boasts an incredible giallo-inspired soundtrack and visuals akin to the best works of the famed Mario Bava!

Director: Adam Ford. Producer: Domiziano Cristopharo. Starring: Chiara Pavoni, Alfonso D’Auria, Alessandro Feudale, Girgio Agri

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