GORENOGRAPHY [Blu-ray Numbered Mediabook Edition]




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A a blood-soaked documentary on gorehounds. An in-depth look at the bowels of underground horror like you’ve never seen. Get to know the artists behind some of the most subversive and gory films being made today. Tony Newton presents this uncensored look at true underground horror, featuring exclusive trailers, short films, and interviews with the filmmakers that are pushing the boundaries of visceral and gore-forward cinema.

Joe Cash, Lucky Cerruti, Jonathan Doe, Mickey Espinoza, Gore Filth, Patrick Fortin, Nathan Hine, Mercedes Moses, Wilhelm Müller, Tony Newton, Davide Pesca, R. Zachary Shildwachter, Matti Soikkeli, René Wiesner.

Blu-ray disc numbered Mediabook edition limited + 20 page booklet + Slipcase + 2 Card
Professional Grade A BD-R’s. Lifetime guarantee on disc.
Lingua: Inglese
Sottotitoli: Francese, Italiano
Optional items:
– Exclusive T-Shirt*
– 59mm Exclusive Magnet

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