ART/CRIME [Blu-ray Numbered Mediabook Edition]


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A Documentary about violence, horror, censorship and legislation on the web. In 2009, Remy Couture, a special effects makeup artists from Quebec was arrested by the police right in front of his home and would be later charged with obscenity and corruption of morality. Montreal’s police was responding to a complaint regarding pictures coming from his website Inner which had been freely circulating on the Web. ART/CRIME discusses violence, fiction and censorship in movies but also in the loosely regulated environment that the Web still represents. The documentary allows many, like movie director Nacho Cerda, Robert Morin and Patrick Senechal to present their thoughts on the matter.

Director: Frederick Maheux
Star: Nacho Cerdá, Rémy Couture, Joseph Elfassi

Blu-ray disc numbered Mediabook edition limited + 20 page booklet + Slipcase + 2 Card
Professional Grade A BD-R’s. Lifetime guarantee on disc.
Lingua: Inglese, Francese
Sottotitoli: Inglese, Francese, Italiano





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